Englischunterricht an der Kerschensteinerschule

Welcome to the English page 

We will be your English teachers at the Kerschensteinerschule.


English lessons are offered to the following classes:

Sixth-Form College, Creative Studies [Fachoberschule Gestaltung]  – Years 11 and 12
Sixth-Form College, Chemistry and Building Technology [Fachoberschule Bau-Chemie] – Year 12
Vocational School [Berufsfachschule]
Higher Vocational School for Chemistry Technicians [Höhere Berufsfachschule für Chemisch-technische Assistenten]
Part-time vocational school for advertising employees, physics laboratory workers and chemistry laboratory workers [Teilzeitberufsschule bei den Mediengestaltern, Physik- und Chemielaboranten]

English lessons will be offered to our other part-time classes as soon as more teaching time becomes available.
We aim first and foremost to improve the communication skills of our students, as well as their reading and writing skills in English. This should prepare them not only for their final exams in English, but also for the demands of the modern workplace, in which, as a result of increasing globalisation, a good working knowledge of English is expected from employees in many different kinds of job.
Our classes are typically composed of individuals with differing levels of English. This is a result of a number of factors, including differences in previous learning experiences and knowledge, differences in age as a result of variable career paths, different socialisations, and sometimes also long breaks from attendance at school.
To compensate for this problem we strive in all our classes to revise and consolidate the most important elements of both written and spoken English.
A further aim is to provide all of our students with the ability to respond appropriately in English to real-life situations, both professional and personal.
Our lesson content, appropriate of course to the level of qualification being studied for, reflects the diversity of modern life as well as offering language and vocabulary specific to the future vocations of our students. We pay particular attention in our choice of topics to the ongoing process of globalisation and the problems that this entails for our world, along with the related issue of the need for understanding and empathy between different cultures. 


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